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Qantara Digital is an independent advisor specialized in designing and leading digital transformations.

We help our clients embrace the digital revolution, from strategy to implementation.

Bridging Africa and Europe, we are present in Ivory Coast and France.

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Four sets of principles have guided the foundation of Qantara Digital.
We value creativity while abiding by a pragmatic and result-driven culture.

We establish long-term partnerships founded on aligned interests and mutual growth.

Leadership & Excellence

Vision & Independence

Trust & Proximity

Social & Environmental commitment


Digital Maturity

We evaluate the digital profile of a company vs. the best-in-class and identify the key levers and obstacles to a digital transformation

Digital Transformation

We help our clients accelerate their digitization and strengthen their digital offer, from strategy to operating partnership

Innovation & Design

We adopt a design approach based on client experience in order to foster innovation and instill a startup’s mindset

Digital coaching

We build and run workshops on digital transitions, addressing best practices, change management, innovation and trends

Mobile capabilities

We work with our clients to explore, define, test and go-to-market new digital services and experiences

Startups & Incubators

We mentor entrepreneurs on their business plans and growth strategy, and promote exchanges between corporates and startup ecosystems


Qantara Digital is led by a team of accomplished professionals with complementary expertise.

Our team allies the essences of private equity, consulting and design in an agile format.
We operate in mature and high growth markets at the crossroads of innovation and capital, in Europe and Africa.

Jérome Vincent

Jérôme Vincent

Managing Partner

Digital transformation

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Morgane Roth


Organization and change management

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Morgane Roth
Alexis Kignelman

Alexis Kignelman


Operations and processes

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Aurélien Cunin



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Aurélien Cunin
Hadrien Fraissinet

Hadrien Fraissinet


Growth strategy

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Qantara Digital taps into diverse industry pools to always be on the forefront of digital trends


Farmers and consumers are benefiting from the digitization of the agricultural sector. From traceability to optimization of resources and fair practices, technology plays a great role in the future of agribusiness. Plantation tracking software, fertilizer analysis, irrigation management, blockchain-linked supply chains are only a few examples where digital innovations promotes efficiency, transparency and sustainability.


Digitization transforms banking practices and organizations. We advise our clients on transforming existing platforms and building new ones in order to deliver more relevant financial services and better customer service. From multi-channel optimization to new business models, we lead internal and multi-party teams to successfully deliver on go-to market projects and proofs of concept.



Energies of the 21st century require more than ever an efficient management to optimize production, access and usage. We advise producers, retailers and consumers on promoting and deploying smart energy consumption and management solutions thanks to digital technologies.


Fintechs are at the core of the digitization universe. Fintechs are powerful drivers for financial inclusion, by easing access to payment services (money transfer, mobile money), to banking services (accounts aggregator) and to financing and investment services. We promote the exchange between corporates and startups by organizing hackathons, surveying incubators and mentoring startups. In particular, we actively participate in the development of financial assets management platforms for individuals based on artificial intelligence (robo advisor).



We advise professionals from the healthcare sector on digitizing care pathways before, during and after consultations and surgeries. New technologies enable professionals to better manage and leverage data to customize patient care, target vaccine campaigns, and support medical research.


Insurance companies must leverage digital tools and practices to thrive if not to survive. We help our clients benefit from this mutation with an emphasis on technological innovation and processes. Digital channels lead to new products and services such as micro-insurance via mobile or pay-as-you-go models. Data analysis, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are the future of insurance.



Mobility is morphing into ″mobility as a service″, taking into greater account environment-friendly options. We accompany our clients in deploying digital interfaces. We advise them on the launch of mobility services, in order to enter the market or expand their marketshare all along the value chain (carpool, leasing, pay-as-you-go).

Public Sector

We help governments, donors and institutions in digitizing public services. E-administration, big data, blockchain and cybersecurity represent huge opportunities to transform key public areas (Taxes, Homeland, Justice, Defense, Education, Health, Environment, etc.) and thus contribute to the access and modernization of services to citizens.



We develop disruptive and innovative retail services based on new consumption habits. We design holistic digital consumer experiences including omnichannel customer journey, digitized point of sale, service customization. We also advise our clients on leveraging technologies to ensure a reliable routing of packages and goods, by optimizing operations.


The telco sector is characterized by high technological investments (5G, fiber), and the volatility of its users. We help our clients differentiate themselves by deploying new services such as mobile money through agile methods and go to market pilots. We also provide data analysis on users in order to enhance customer experience.


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Qantara Digital is present in Ivory Coast and France.
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